Our Missions

Swami primarily stresses on four things: -

  • The daily routine of the students and teachers should be a combination of the academic and spiritual aspect of education. The day should begin with prayer and meditation. Talks on spiritual subjects, elocution and spiritual quiz to be organized regularly.
  • Every teacher, student and all other staff members should be encouraged to aim at the best and strive for excellence in their respective fields.
  • All students and staff should feel that they are the chosen instruments in Baba's mission. What is this mission? "Dharma Sthapana" i.e. restoring the virtues of righteousness. How can this be done? By Discipline, Love, Service and Sadhana. Baba has himself stated, "In this college, the medium is discipline. The first, second and the third languages are Love, Service and Sadhana". This has been accepted as the "Mission Statement" of the institution and the four points that he has emphasized upon, form the four pillars on which the foundation of the institution has been laid. From time to time, we keep receiving instructions from the Sai organization and the discourses of our founder president, Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba.