May- June -2017
  • From 9th May 2017 to 29 May 2017, the staff member of Commerce Dept. including Dr. Sudha Tripathi, Dr. Purnima Joshi, Dr. Meena Parashar and Dr. Seema Soni, attended Refresher Course on ‘Commerce and Business Management’ at BSSS Bhopal.
  • Two Research papers of Dr. Purnima Joshi were published in International Journal in June 2017.
  • One Research Paper of Dr. Seema Soni was published in April 2017.
  • One book entitled ‘ik’pkR; jktuhfrd fparu’ by Dr. Shriji Seth was published in June 2017.
  • On 27-28 May, Dr. Anupama Chauhan, Dr. Manisha Tripathi and Dr. Anuradha Singh Participated in a National Seminar on ‘jkepfjr ekul ds oSKkfud vk;ke ,oa lkekftd lejlrk’ organised at Bhoj University Bhopal. Dr. Anupama Chauhan presented paper entitled “leqnzksya?ku % guqeku dh lw{e vuqla/kkukRed n`f"V” and Dr. Anuradha Singh presented paper entitled ‘jkepfjr ekul ,oa euksfoKku’.
  • From 28th April to 3rd May 2017, the students of B.Ed. II Sem. prepared power point presentation on various states of India. They also prepared cuisines of that state and presented colorful cultural programmes.
  • On 3rd May 2017 an exhibition on Arts and Craft work of B.Ed. II and IV Sem students was organised in which Dr. Nityanand Pradhan, Principal RIE Bhopal visited as Chief Guest.
  • On 19th May 2017, Shri S.K. Sachdeva, hon’ble trustee inaugurated Art and Craft exhibition on ‘Teaching Aids’ prepared by B.Ed Sem II and IV students.
  • On 20th May 2017, Dr. Neena Arora, Dr. Varsha Saxena, Dr. Kiran Shandilya and Ms. Pooja Bhardwaj participated and presented paper in an ‘International Conference on Emerging trends in engineering, Tech., Science & Mgt. The paper entitled “Extraction and Preliminary Phyto Chemical Screening of Tamarindus Indica L. Leaves” in International Journal of Advance Research in Science and Engineering Volume 6, Issue 5th  May 2017.
  • On 13th & 14th June 2017, Abhilasha Kumar attended Central Board of Studies meeting for formulation of yearly curriculum for IT, Computer Appl, Computer Maintenance .
  • On 15th June 2017, Dr. Renu Mishra was nominated as the Member, Central Board of Studies in F.C. (Environmental Studies) and attended meeting in University.
  • Sports and NCC:

  • From 13th  June 2017 to 22nd  June 2017, P.E, Annual Training Camp II was organised. 49 cadets participated. The camp was organised by 4 MP Girls Battalion under C.O. Colonel A.P. Singh. The students won many prizes in various competitions organised  during the camp.
  • 49 NCC cadets participated in International Yoga Day on 21 June 2017 at Lal Parade Ground.
  • The UGC teaching and non-teaching staff including Dr. Shubha Kapdeo, Dr. Jyotsana Galgale, Dr. Renu Mishra, Dr. Shampa Malhotra, Dr. Neena Arora, Dr. Archana Shrivastava, Mrs. Neelu Shrivastava, Mrs. Neeta Shrivastav, Mrs. Sushma Upadhya participated in International Yoga Day organised at Lal Parade ground on 21 June 2017.
  • NSS

  • On 24 May 2017, NSS Officers and Volunteers participated in program of launching website for One-Day Tree Plantation at Narmada Valley for Guinness World Record under Narmada Seva Mission at CM House.
  • On 8 June 2017, CM organised a meeting for One day Tree Plantation in which NSS officers and Volunteers participated.
  • On 21 June 2017 NSS officers and Volunteers participated in International Yoga Day at Lal Parade Ground and at Yoga Department in Barkatullah University.
  • The staff members were assigned portfolios for the session 2015-2016.
  • Portfolios in new session 2015-16:
S.No Portfolio Member Name
1. Secretary, College Staff Council Dr. Anupama Chouhan
2. Student’s Union Incharge Dr. Neena Chatterjee
3. G. B. Members   Dr. Neena chatterjee, Dr. Rajmani Badnerkar
4. N. S. S. Officers Smt. Vaishali Kadwey, Dr. Renu Shrivastava
5. N. C. C. Officer Smt. Sarita Kushwah
6. Youth Festival   Dr. Shalu Saxena- Convenor, Dr. Soma Nag, Smt. Neera Shukla
Dr. Harsha Chaturvedi, Dr. Deepti Bhatnagar, Dr. Rupa Guha Nandi
7. Hostel-in-charge and Committee

Dr. Shampa Malhotra (Warden),Smt. Sangeeta Bharti(Hostel Manager),Dr. Purnima Joshi,Dr. Anita Awasthy, Smt. Vaishali Kadwey,Dr. Varsha Saxena

8. Canteen Incharge

Dr. Malti Joshi, Mr. Y.A. Deshpande

9. Puttaparthy Trip Dr. Shampa Malhotra, Dr. Rekha Bhattl, Dr. Veena Singh, Dr. Anita Awasthy
10. Anti-Ragging Committee   Dr. Asha Agarwal- Nodal Officer, Dr.Shriji Seth, Dr. Soma Nag,Dr. Neena Chatterjee
11. Morning Prayer Incharge Dr. Megha Singh,Smt. Arpana Sinhal, Dr. Anuradha Singh,Smt. Neera Shukla,Dr. Deepti Bhatnagar, All Lab.Tech.
12. Special Festival - Laksharchan

Dr. Anita Awasthy, Smt. Rajmani Badnerkar,Ms. Priyamvada, Ms. Purnima Malviya

13. Gurupurnima and Swamy's Birthday

Dr.Renu Mishra,Dr. C.Shobha Rao, Smt. Supriya Singh,Dr. Deepti Bhatnagar


Bhajan Hall Incharge

Thought for the Day

Dr. Rekha Bhatt, Smt. Kiran Shandilya,  Dr.Shikha Mandloi, Dr. Harsha Chaturvedi, Dr. Romsha Sharma, Smt. Sudha Singh

15. Thursday Lectures

Botany/Microbiology Dept. Smt. Babita Sakalle, Dr. Deepa Singh

16. Semester Cell Incharges    Dr. Jyotsna Galgale - Convenor, Dr.Purnima Joshi,Smt. Chhaya Makhijani , Dr. Megha Singh,Dr. Varsha Saxena, Dr. Meenesh Hindoliya
17. Scholarship(SC/ST/OBC) Incharges Dr. Shubha Kapdeo, Dr. Meena Parasher, Smt. Rajmani Badnerkar, Dr. Smita Nair, Dr. Sunita Yadav, Dr. Romsha Sharma, Dr. Manisha Tripathi, Smt. Neera Shukla
18. Gaon ki Beti/Pratibha Kiran/ Minority/Merit Scholarships Dr. Shampa Malhotra,Dr. Soma Nag,Dr. Shalu Saxena, Smt. Babita Sakalle, Ms.Khyati Shrivastava, Ms. Priyamvada
19. Sister Concession /Freeship Dr. Sudha Tripathi, Smt. Kiran Shandilya, Smt. Vaishali Kadwey, Dr. Harsha Chaturvedi, Shri Y.A.Deshpande
20. College Magazine   Dr. Rajshree Srinivasan, Dr. Rupa Guha Nandi, Dr. Prerna Shrivastava, Smt. Arpana Sinhal, Dr. Harsha Chaturvedi, Dr. Meenesh Hindoliya
21. Advisor Advisee  

Arts Faculty -  

Ist year : Dr.Anupama Chouhan , Dr. Meenesh hindoliya

IInd year : Dr. Malti Joshi, Mrs. Sudha Singh

IIIrd year : Dr.Harsh Chaturvedi,Ms. Priyamvada

M.A. : Respective HoD's

Science Faculty - 

Ist year: Smt. Chhaya Makhijani,Smt.Romsha Sharma (CS-Group), Smt.Supriya Singh (PCM-Group)

 IInd year : Dr. Jyotsna Galgale, Dr. Archana Shrivastava (Maths Group) Dr. Renu Mishra,Dr. Rajshree Srinivas (Bio Group) Smt. Snigdha Dutta, Dr. Shalu Saxena (Maths Group) Smt. Kiran Shandilya, Dr. Varsha Saxena,

IIIrd year : Dr. Asha Agrawal, Dr. Renu Shrivastava, Dr.  Sunita Yadav (Bio Group), Smt. Supriya Raman(Bio Group)

Commerce Faculty-

B. Com.

I year: Dr. Seema Soni, Smt. Smt. Aruna Sengar (A),

Dr. Meena Parashar, Dr. Nishi Yadav(B)

II year: Dr. Purnima Joshi, Mrs. Babita Sakalle(A),

Mrs. Manisha Tripathi, New Teacher(B)

III year: Dr. Sudha Tripathi,Smt. Anuradha Singh (A),  

Smt. Anita Awasthy, Dr. Soma Nag, New Comm. Teach.(B)


II Year: Dr. Soma Nag         

I year: Dr. Seema Soni

Home Sc. Faculty

All Classes-Dr. Shubha Kapdeo

Computer Appl.Faculty   


I year - Ms.Girjesh Chouhan, Smt. Abhilasha Kumar

II year - Smt.Vaishali Kadwey Ms. Mamta Sisodia,

III year - Smt. Arpana Sinhal , Smt. Abhilasha Kumar

M.Sc. (CS), P.G.D.C.A.    Smt. Abhilasha Kumar, Smt. Vaishali Kadwey

22. Advisor-Advisee Law Faculty

B.A. LL.B. I Yr.: Smt. Meenesh Hindolia B.A. LL.B. II Yr.: Smt. Sudha Singh

LL.B. I Yr.: Smt. Neera Shukla LL.B. II Yr.: Ms. Priyamvada


23. Incharge (Spiritual Camp) Dr. Neena Arora , Dr. Sunita Yadav, Dr. Anju Bajpai
24. Purchase Committee Dr. Asha Agarwal, Dr. Shubha Kapdeo, Dr. Archana Shrivastava,Dr. Renu Mishra, Smt .Abhilasha Kumar, Dr.Neena Arora,Dr.Anju Bajpai, Mr.Deshpande,Mr. O.P. Mishra,Smt. Radhamani, Ms. Khushbu
25. Swami Vivekanannd Career Guidance Cell  Smt .Abhilasha Kumar- Placement Officer, Members- Dr. Soma Nag, Dr. Seema Soni,Ms. Priyamvada
26. Personality Development Cell

Dr. Shampa MAlhotra, Dr. Megha Singh

27. AF Committee       Secretary- Dr. Purnima Joshi,                                       Students Union  Incharge, All Faculty Heads, Smt. Sarita Kushwah,Smt. Radhamani
28. Library Committee  Dr. Neena Arora, Dr. Sadhana Anant  , Dr. Purnima Joshii, Smt. Abhilasha Kumar, Dr. Neena Chatterjee,,Dr. Shikha Mandloi, Dr. Mamta Joshi
30.   Smt. Abhilasha Kumar, Dr. Shriji Seth, Dr. Smita Nair, Dr Soma Nag, Smt. Pooja Chhagger, Dr. Nishi Yadav,
31. Equal opp. Cell Dr. Shakuntala Jain, Dr. Neena Arora, Dr. Seema Soni
33. UGC Committee                                     Dr .Jyotsna Galgale, Dr. Shampa Malhotra,Dr. Renu Mishra, Dr Renu Shrivastava  , Dr. Neena Arora, Ku. Khushboo Vishwakarma
35. PRO              Dr. Rajshri  Srinivas, Dr. Neena Arora         
36. Quality Assurance Cell        Smt. Snigdha Dutta, Dr. Malti Joshi, Dr. Shikha Mandloi , Dr, Neena Chatterjee, Dr. Romsha Sharma, Dr. Rupa Guha Nandi, Smt. Kumud Rajput
37. Notice Board Committee                          Dr. Geeta Gupta, Smt. Kiran Shandilya, Smt Anita Awasthi, Dr. Nishi Yadav
38. Literary Society           Dr. Manisha Tripathi, Ms. Amandeep Sandhu,Ms. Khyati Shrivastava.
39.   NAAC Committee IQAC                                Dr. Archana Shrivastava, Dr. Renu Mishra, Smt. Sadhana Ananth
40. Press Reporting                    

Ms. Vinita, Smt. Shashi , Smt. Reena, Smt. Baluka,

Dr. Archana
41. Maintenance Committee                            Dr. Asha Agrawal (Convenor), Smt. Singdha Dutta, Dr. Sudha Tripathi, Smt. Abhilasha Kumar, Dr. Purnima Joshi
42. IQAC Report                                 Dr. Jyotsna Galgale, Dr. Shampa Malhotra,Dr. Renu Mishra, Dr. Purnima Joshi
43. Entry in Services (12th UGC Plan)            Dr. Shriji Seth, Dr. Soma Nag
44. Website updation & Maintenance         Smt. Abhilasha Kumar, Smt. Arparna Sinhal, Ms. Girjesh Chouhan
45. Computer Maintenance               Smt. Abhilasha Kumar,Smt.Vaishali Kadwey , Ms. Asha Gaikwad
46. Online Admission & Enrolment            Smt. Abhilasha Kumar, Smt.Vaishali Kadwey
47. Furniture  Verification Committee     Dr. Deepa Singh, Dr. Rupa guha Nandi
48. Editorial Board of Research   & Journal Committee     Principal (Patron), Dr. Asha Agrawal Dr. Binay Rajaram, Dr. Shampa Malhotra, Dr. Archana Shrivastava,  Dr. Purnima Joshi  , Dr. Megha Singh , Dr. Sunita Yadav, Dr. Renu Shrivastava, Dr.  Rekha Bhatt, Dr. Manisha Tripathi
49. Write off Committee                      Dr. Jyostna Galgale-Convenor, Dr. Malti Joshi, Smt. Pooja Chhagger
50. Discipline Committee                               Dr. S. Jain, Dr. Sadhana Anant,  Smt. Mamta Joshi
51. Admission Committee                        comprises of staff members from the concerned departments
52. Merit List Updation                       Dr. Shobhana Shrivastava, Smt.. Chhaya Makhjani, Dr. Sunita Yadav,Ms. Nirmala Singh, Dr. Harsha Chaturvedi
53.  Monthly Report                            , Submission to Chairman Dr. Shampa Malhotra, Dr. Megha Singh
54. Academic Council Dr. Sudha Pathak, Dr. Asha Agrawal, Dr. N.K.Gour, Dr. G. Gautam, Dr. Ranjana Verma, Dr. R. V.Sharma, Dr. M. R. Saxena, Dr. Sadhana Anant, Dr.Shubha D. Kapdeo, Dr. Sudha Tripathi, Smt. Abhilasha Kumar.
55. Green Audit Committee Dr. Renu Mishra, Dr. Rajshree Srinivas, Smt Nishi
56. Human Resources Cell

Dr. Meera Rani Saxena,Dr. Purnima Joshi, Dr. Shobhna Shrivastava

57. Research Committee

Dr. Asha Agrawal, Dr. Binay Rajaram, Dr. Renu Mishra, Dr. Neena Arora, Dr. Shampa Malhotra, Dr. Archana Shrivastava, Dr. Shobhna Shrivastava, Dr. Shriji Seth, Dr. Rupa Guha Nandi, Dr. Nishi Yadav

58. Personality Development Cell Dr. Shampa Malhotra- Convernor, Dr. Megha Singh – Member, Ms. Amandeep Sandhu
59. Building Committee Smt. Snigdha Dutta, Dr.Renu Mishra, Dr. Sadhana Anant, Dr. Sudha Tripath, Dr. Purnima Joshi, Smt. Abhilasha Kumar
60. AISHE Committee Dr. Jyotsana Galgale, Dr. Shampa Malhotra, Dr. Shriji Seth
61. Feed Back Analysis Dr. Neena Chatterjee, Dr. Shalu Saxena, Ms. Khyati Shrivastava, Dr. Geeta Gupta, Smt. Anita Awasthi,Dr. Seema Soni, Smt. Chhaya Makhjani, Dr. Manisha Tripathi
62. Cultural & Dramatics  Society            Dr. Rekha Bhatt, Dr. Anuradha Singh, Dr. Shikha Mandloi
63. Current Affairs & Awareness Society Smt. Abhilasha Kumar, Dr. Meena Parashar, Smt. Preeti Shrivastava
64. Debating Society Smt. M. R. Saxena, Dr. Shobhna Saxena, Dr. Harsha Chaturvedi
65. Environment   Society Smt. Rajshree Srinivas, Dr. GeetaGupta, Smt. Kiran Shandilya