College Mono
Sri Sathya Sai College for Women, Bhopal
(Under Autonomous Scheme of U.G.C)
NAAC Re-accredited Autonomous College under the UGC Scheme with 'A' Grade

With the increasing trend of small family and one or two children norms in the society, the youth today is lacking the sense of socialization. The need of the hour is to teach social service to youth through mutual co-operation, harmony and dedication towards society. They should work towards social, economic and political equality and justice ,as envisaged in our Indian Constitution.

The college can act as a medium to install social values, a forum for development of the student as ideal and dutiful citizen of a democratic and secular society.

The role of an academic institution should be to generate intellectual, social, cultural environment and discipline for the overall personality development in pursuance of the true meaning of education. To foster a healthy environment for learning, teaching and the development in the college, the Students' Union is formed in the college, with these broad objectives in mind.

The Students' Union consists of a Students' Council and Activity Societies.

The aim of the Students' Council is to encourage and strengthen the democratic values amongst the students and to train them in the duties and rights of democracy. The activities of Students' Union help the students to develop into responsible and value-oriented leaders.

On the other hand, the Activity Societies are formed to encourage innovative, artistic, literary, cultural, academic and sports activities. To promote active participation and leadership amongst students and to develop their creative talents, these activities help to promote scientific study and discussion on subjects of national and international importance. Formation of Activity Societies, according to the ordinance of M.P Govt Higher Education, are categorized into 4 different commities, formed in our college :

  • Cultural & Literary Commitee
  • Sports Commitee
  • Social Service & Welfare Commitee
  • Professional Courses & Career Counselling Commitee

The students are free to enroll themselves in any one of the societies of their choice, as regular member and in any number of societies as Associate Members. But the Associate Member can neither contest the election nor vote in that society. In each society, there are about 40 members. The societies are formed according to the ordinance no.1.

Main function of the Students' Union:-

The Students' Union works as a communication link between the students and the administration. It is formed to look after the welfare of the students. Under the guidance of the teacher in-charge of Students' Union, in consultation with the patron, executes the academic calendar of the Barkatullah University, as well as, of the college. The Union makes arrangements, along with the other students and teachers in-charge, to organize Welcome Party, Annual Cultural Competitions, Sports Competitions, Annual Function and Farewell Party etc., The Union Office Bearers follow the protocol of receiving any distinguished guests in the college. The members of Students' Council monitor the maintenance of general discipline of the college.

Formulation of Students' Council:

Students' Council is formed by the elected and nominated members of the institution. The elections of Activity Societies and election of Students' Union ,are held on a notified date given by the university ,as determined in the calendar and approved by the coordination committee.

Posts of Activity Societies:-

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Joint Secretary

The election of class representatives is held on the next day of the society election. The nominated class representatives are invited for the formation of Students' Council. The election of Students' Council for the above mentioned posts are held on the same day:

The representatives for reserved categories like SC, ST, OBC, physically disabled, if not elected or nominated to the council, are nominated by the patron (Principal). The election for the 'Students' Council and the society Office Bearers, is through nomination as per the guidelines of the state govt. under the supervision of teachers in-charge.

Election of Students' Council Members:

The election is held strictly according to the guidelines of the ordinance. All regular students on the rolls, are eligible voters for election of class representatives. Such a student can be a member of any of the Activity Societies.

The eligible contestant for any election fulfills the following norms/conditions broadly:

  • The candidate has passed the 10+2 examination not earlier than five years (for B.Ed 6 years)
  • The candidate has paid the fees of the college.
  • The candidate has not been convicted by the court for any offence.
  • The candidate is not an employee of any institution.
  • The candidate has not been punished for use of unfair means in any examination or has proceedings pending in courts of law.
  • The candidate has passed all the examinations in the first attempt. And all other norms as per ordinance are followed.

Also, it is observed that the same person does not hold the same office more than once, during her academic career in the coll ege