College Mono
Sri Sathya Sai College for Women, Bhopal
(Under Autonomous Scheme of U.G.C)
NAAC Re-accredited Autonomous College under the UGC Scheme with 'A' Grade

For students of all Faculties

As per the directives of the Honorable Supreme Court dated 27.11.2006 ref. S.L.P. 2495/06 Kerela University verses College Principal's Association and S.L.P. no. 24296-24299/2004, W.P. (C.R.C) no. 173/2006 and S.L.P. no. 14356/2005 , Ragging is a punishable crime. Ragging in the college or hostel campus or anywhere else is strictly prohibited. Students found guilty of ragging will be rusticated from the institution and strong disciplinary and legal action will be taken.

Students must remember that M.P. Universities Act 1973, Ordinance 7/ code 13 specifies that students indulging in anti-disciplinary activities within and outside the college may be punished as follows:

  • Suspension from the class
  • Rustication from the college
  • Prohibited from appearing in the University examinations.


Anti Ragging Nodal Officer

Any case of ragging may be reported to :

Dr. (Smt.) Asha Agarwal

Contact - 9826141741